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The apprenticeship will cover a wide range of knowledge, skills and behaviours all of which will assist the student in their day to day work duties. These will include:

Knowledge – Business Awareness, IT Systems and Processes, Ethical Standards, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Management Accounting.
Skills – Analysis, Communication, Produces Quality and Accurate Information, Uses Systems and Processes, Problem Solving
Behaviours – Embracing Change, Adding Value, Ethics and Integrity, Personal Accountability, Productivity, Team working and Collaboration

What qualification will I achieve?

Along with the achievement of the Level 3 Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship Standard, successful apprentices will be awarded AAT: Advanced Diploma in Accounting.
How long is the course?
It usually takes around 15-18 months to complete
How will I learn?
The apprenticeship will largely take place at the site of the employer, using day to day working activities to underpin knowledge that is learnt. A portion of the apprenticeship will take place at Furness College through classroom based learning. This is likely to be as part of a day release from the employer.
What subjects will I study?

Apprentice Level 2- Certificate in Accounting (over 12 months) Units studied may include: recording income and receipts making and recording payments preparing ledger balances and initial trial balances supplying information for management control working with computers health and safety personal effetiveness Advanced Apprentice Level 3 – Diploma in Accounting (over 12 months)

This will include: maintaining financial records and preparing accounts recording and evaluating costs and revenues preparing reports and returns working computers and health and safety Higher Apprentices Level 4 Units studied may include: financial performance internal control and accounting systems credit management and taxation • Developing commercial awareness • Managing project finances ^ May have exemptions from this unit if studied at level 3

How will I be assessed?

At the end of the apprenticeship students will be expected to take part in an end point assessment. Here they will have a synoptic end test which will cover the knowledge and skills gained from their apprenticeship.They will also present their portfolio of work for discussion, which will comprise of evidence produced in the work place to show the apprentice has met the knowledge, skills and behaviours detailed in the standard.

Are there any additional costs?

There are books and stationery requirements for study. Book codes and details will be provided at the start of your course. Fees vary and are available on request.

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