Advanced/Situational Coaching

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  • 2 Days
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  • England

This Workshop takes the coaching to an advanced level using more sophisticated NLP techniques, and understanding when to have those brave and great conversations in the workplace.

Essentially, the Learner will understand the importance of ‘raising their coaching bar’ and being able to coach in the moment and also plan effectively and precisely the points that they want to draw out of their individual direct reports. Some of these conversations may be on performance, potential – but always constructive and combines the art of superior effective and constructive feedback with advanced coaching techniques.

The Workshop is also about adaptability and flexibility as the coached is often an experienced manager or leader who will answer directly and not always positivity. Therefore, the Learner will recognise when to re-frame and rethink their conversations and be brave in what they say, do and appear in face-to-face and virtual coaching conversations.

Fast Track Development


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