Business Management BSc (Hons)

University of Bedfordshire
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  • 3 Years
  • Undergraduate
  • Bedfordshire

You will gain a broad understanding of organisations on this vocational degree with a focus on managing people and processes in a large and small organisations. From the beginning you will start to develop the high levels of professionalism that employers look for, along with the understanding of how organisations operate and the ability to apply theory to real-life situations – making you efficient and effective in any organisational, cultural or social context. You will also gain an entrepreneurial understanding of bushiness and practical skills that will also prepare you to start your own.

You should study this course because it provides the practical skills and conceptual understanding required for managing in organisations. It provides a broad understanding of management under diverse operating conditions and builds for you a contextual and conceptual foundation to manage organizations undergoing dramatic change. All the basic functional areas that are deemed to comprise the business discipline Marketing, Operations, Information Systems, Finance, HRM, Business Policy and Strategy and Change, Economics, Law and Contemporary Issues are examined over the duration of the course and in the context of contemporary change.

A key feature of this course is the period of time gaining genuine employment experience through a work placement in the second year of your study. This placement will take place in the second semester of the second year and will give you exposure to the many facets of business and management action. The duration of the placement will be for a twelve week period and may be with one of the large multi-national organisations based within Milton Keynes or with a Small/Medium Enterprise (SME). Either of these placement opportunities offers considerable advantage to your education as organisations are continually challenged to meet the management needs of business opportunities. The placement element of this course is guaranteed and may take place entirely on the organisations premises or where this is not practical will be based for no less than three days at the organisation with a further two days spent on the UCMK campus site where you will have the opportunity to undertake relevant research to support your placement activity.

Placements will be monitored by our academic staff and dedicated placement resources to ensure that you have the best possible experience whilst working on behalf of an organisation during your study. Upon completion of your placement experience you will re-join the final year of your studies during which time the experiences gained during the placement will provide you with opportunity to apply this knowledge to your academic and practitioner based units.

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