Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

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This Workshop focuses on moving beyond the traditional GROW model used in coaching and embraces a new framework entitled UCANDOIT. Naturally another leadership theory acronym but one that moves beyond the trouble with GROW and include the missing ingredients of motivation, review and sustaining performance.

This Workshop focuses on using appreciative enquiry techniques, NLP, active listening and following an easy to follow framework to get the answers from the coached and not the coach. Good coaches ask; bad coaches tell. In fact, they are training not coaching. This Workshop also ‘draws a line in the sand’ and differentiates the skills of coaching from mentoring, counselling and consulting.

Highly practical and interactive, this is a whirlwind of knowledge for all those that attend. This Workshop can help your business move away from traditional TELL transactional leadership to ask-oriented transformational leadership, inspiring people to grow from INQUIRY not ADVOCACY.

Fast Track Development


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