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The CPCS A36 HIAB Lorry Loader course is a 3-day programme designed to provide novice and intermediate operators with sufficient Lorry Loading training which will enable them to competently and safely carry out the role of a Lorry Loader and pass the CPCS theory and practical assessments. For experienced operators, we also offer a 2-day course which excludes practical training.

Duration: 3 Days or 2 Days for Experienced Operators

More Info:
CPCS stands for the Construction Plant Competence Scheme, a card scheme designed to prove the skills of plant operatives. It is run by the Construction Industry Training Board, also known as CITB. CPCS was launched in 2003 at the request of employers, to help them comply with regulations and requirements, and aims to apply common standards for all plant operators.

The CPCS scheme is made up of 3 key stages. Firstly, there’s the training course and your 2-year Red CPCS Card. Secondly, there is the NVQ and finally, there is your 5-year Blue CPCS Card. Fast Line Training Services can help at every stage to ensure a simple journey through the CPCS scheme for you. As described, there are two main types of CPCS card, the Red and the Blue. The Red Card is given to new entrants after successfully completing the CPCS technical testing and it lasts for 2 years. The Blue Card is obtained by completing an NVQ in the relevant field of expertise. These Blue CPCS Cards last for 5 years. If you’re interested in an NVQ, then please visit our Plant NVQs page.

Anyone that wants to progress down the CPCS route must have completed the passed the CSCS test (also known as the Health, Safety and Environment test) within the last two years as it is a mandatory pre-requisite for all CPCS courses.

You then need to decide whether you’re an experienced operator or novice. Clearly, if you’re new to CPCS and operating plant, then you’ll need to take the 3-day course. In terms of deeming yourself experienced, there is no hard or fast rule, but we would recommend at least three years’ operating experience.

It’s also worth considering that the practical test is based around “text-book” procedures, it would be like taking your driving test now – would you still pass?

What You Learn on your CPCS A36 HIAB Lorry Loader Course:

At the end of your CPCS A36 HIAB Lorry Loader Course you will be able to:

Configure the vehicle and loader crane for lifting duties. Deploy stabilisers to specification. Explain hazards.
Setup rated capacity indicators or load moment indicators for lifting duties. Identify centres of gravity.
Lift various loads using the full radius and slewing capabilities of the loader crane. Place loads accurately.
Explain the types and fitting of boom extensions. Minimise swinging of loads. Secure loads on the vehicle.
Travel to and within the work area (loaded and unloaded).
Reverse into a confined space (no wider than the width of the vehicle plus 900mm).
Position the vehicle, prepare and set the crane and load for each lift.
Lift 3 loads and place onto the vehicle bed (100mm of given position).
Secure all loads in preparation for travel. Remove and place 3 loads at different locations.

The CPCS A36 HIAB Lorry Loader course consists of two key parts, practical and theory. You’ll spend at a day learning the related theory, a day practicing the practical elements followed by a final day of assessment (for both theory and practical).

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