Delegation Skills For Managers and Leaders

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This Workshop will enable the learner to delegate responsibilities, but not accountability (which remains with the manager) to all the team). All too often the high-value delegated tasks are given to the high performers in your team, and the more ‘basic’ administrative ‘chores’ that you have are delegated to the lower-performers.

This Workshop focuses on how you can delegate using different leadership styles using a similar structure to all the team, to give them the ‘stretch’ tasks that they all need. This will ‘free-up’ your time to spend more quality people management time and reduce the number of hours spent doing tasks – it’s the art of letting go.

In other words, most managers and leaders often end up doing tasks themselves because either ‘it takes time’ to delegate or that your standards are so high that it’s quicker to do yourself. This Workshop provides structures, templates and techniques to help you ‘let go’.

Delegation is not an exclusive exercise for middle managers and above. Many first-level managers don’t delegate because of the time involved and the ‘art of letting go’ work that came from their previous role. This Workshop will encourage the learner that delegation=development and that this is in the best interests of the people in your organisation.

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