Heating System Design

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)
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The module is primarily intended for junior to intermediate engineers who are being asked to design a heating system for the first time. However, the module is not for the complete beginner. There’s an assumption from the outset that the user will have completed a college or university course on mechanical engineering, or possibly a course on building services engineering, and so will have some understanding of the basic fluid dynamic principles that underlie system design. They will also have access to the support of a more senior engineer within their organisation who can guide them on the procedures and protocols for completing design drawings and specification documents.

Make your way through this course at your own pace with the following:

Heating Systems Design Topics
Additional Resources
Four Activity Pages
CPD Certificate on completion
This course covers:

Building Regulation Requirements
Thermal comfort & Loads
Heat Flow
Heat generation
Heat Emitters
Operation & Control

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