ITEC Massage Diploma Level 3

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  • £1150
  • 12 Months
  • Accredited Certification
  • England

This course is aimed at people who are looking for a first qualification in massage – the absolute beginner. ITEC’s offical requirement for this course is “5 GSCEs or sufficient life experience”, so most people are covered by one or the other! ITEC Massage Level 3 is an excellent first qualification in massage, aimed at students with little or no prior experience of massage or body work. It’s well recognised both in the UK and in several other countries. (If you are looking to work outside the UK, you will need to check what the regulations and requirements are in the country you intend to work in.)

We offer this course both in our usual “fast-track” format (3 months), with intakes in both September and March, as well as in the more conventional “once-a-week” format, starting in September and finishing the following June. Please make sure, when booking below, that you choose the right format. If you don’t see any future dates, it’s because next year’s schedule is still under construction and the dates will appear soon. As soon as date appear below, it means that those courses can be booked.

The “fast-track” format enables students to attain their ITEC Massage Level 3 Diploma in 3 months. Attendance is required on four days in the first month, four days in the second month and then 2 days in the third month. (So, ten days attendance in total.) It’s a fairly intensive way of studying the course, so students wishing to take the fast-track course must have a good command of English and enough time in their schedule to enable them to put in an average of 10 hours studying and practice per week at home on their own. There are 2 written assignments and 36 treatments to be completed for this course – whether “fast-track” or “once-a-week”.

The ITEC Massage Diploma Level 3 course will teach students the fundamental principles of “holistic” or “Swedish” massage. (The two names are interchangeable.) From the very first session (or from the second session for the once-a-week course) students will gain experience in hands-on techniques and will eventually learn to provide a holistic, full-body treatment. In addition to practical study, students will learn how to record a patient’s history as well as the massage therapy given. This will include areas such as:

How to take a consultation eg taking a medical record and giving home care advice.
Taking note of contra-indications that restrict treatment eg pregnancy, cancer, recent fractures.
Professionalism, eg therapist appropriate behaviour, providing quiet and hygienic working surrounding.
Client preparation, eg assisting a client onto the couch, protecting the client’s modesty at all times
Towel management and all areas of Health and Safety.
Students will also study massage relevant subjects such as

Principles and Practice of Complementary Therapies.
Business Practice for Complementary Therapies.
During the course, students will attain a detailed knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, including:

The cell
The skin
Skeletal system
Muscular system
Cardio Vascular System and Lymphatic system
Respiratory system
Digestive system
Circulatory system
Endocrine system
Reproductive system
Urinary system
Hair, nails, eyes and teeth
The full ITEC syllabus for each unit of the course is available here. ITEC offers two qualifications called “UK” and “International”. Both have the same learning outcomes but are simply assessed differently – the “UK” qualification fewer exams and a higher number of case studies and evidenced treatments. We teach the “UK” qualification. It is not necessary for students wanting to work abroad to hold the international qualification. The UK qualification is equally valid and has the added advantage of being in line with the UK government’s National Qualification Standards.

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