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The Principle

Good leaders understand the difference between managing processes and leading people. They are open to learning and to new ways of developing themselves and their people.


An effective leader’s actions instil trust from their team through acting with honesty and integrity.


Leaders use their knowledge and skill to draw positively from their experience.


Effective leaders inspire their team with a shared vision and keep them engaged along the way.

Our Application

When a team member is promoted to a leadership role the last thing we want is to lose a good operator and gain an inexperienced leader. Leadership is a key skill that needs to be developed and like any form of development it needs to be practical in order to develop confidence to implement new skills. Strong leadership throughout an organisation is key to a good working culture as problems are solved rather than created. Therefore, we make sure we work closely with leaders making sure they have both the means and the support in order to manage situations better.

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