Level 6 Financial Services Professional

Fitch Learning
  • Infomation on application
  • 18-24 Months
  • Diploma
  • London

The Financial Services industry encompasses a broad range of businesses that manage, or consult around managing money. These include retail and corporate
banking, investment management, investment consulting, investment banking, mortgages, and life and pensions. The completion of this apprenticeship will enable
individuals to become highly competent professionals for the industry. This will be delivered by a base of core knowledge, skills and behaviours required of all individuals
entering or progressing to this level in the sector, and a set of specialist options that then provide the occupationally specific competence, depending on the part of the
sector and type of business the individual works for.

Investment Banking, Investment Management
Junior Advisor, Analyst, Junior Sales Trader, Junior Trader, Research Analyst,
Junior Client Marketer, Junior/Assistant Risk Manager, Research Analyst,
Financial Analyst, Investment Analyst, Credit Analyst, Junior Dealer, Assistant
Portfolio Manager, Trainee Investment Manager, Trainee Investment
Advisor, Investment Consulting Analyst, Client facing Analyst.

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