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Square Box Management Development Programme is designed to specifically meet the needs of your management team.

Our approach is to deliver bespoke training, therefore, prior to designing the programme, we would spend time in your environment having one-to-one’s with those delegates who will be attending. This process ensures we get a feel for the culture prior to delivery and understand what will or won’t work; it also helps us gain credibility by spending time on the shop floor.

The Programme is made up of a selection of 1-day workshops delivered over an agreed period of time, e.g., 1 day per month over 6 months.

As each programme is bespoke the following are recommended workshops for inclusion in your management development programme, or click here for our full list of Workshops:

Team Dynamics
Taking Control
Role of the Manager
Performance Management (The 4P’s)
Motivation & Coaching
Management Development Programme Learning Logs and Action Plans should be completed by the delegates and these followed up by Line Managers. At the end of the programme all delegates who can provide evidence of applied learning through the learning logs and action plans will receive a Management Development Programme certificate.

Benefits of this Programme:
Benefits of Management Development Training:

Increased productivity by creating a skilled work force
Reduced work place conflicts
Reduced staff turnover by creating a motivated work force
Increased employee engagement
Establishes team spirit

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