Mechanical Isolation

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All employees working in and around moving machinery will at some time switch it off to perform cleaning, re-alignment or adjustments, changes to parts of the machinery, etc. In order to be confident that they are safely isolating the machine (in a mechanical context) this valuable course can be used to highlight the dangers, the issues they should be thinking about and also remind them of the best practices that should be applied when performing a mechanical isolation. It can also incorporate company-specific isolation procedures.

Aimed at process operators, supervisors, technicians, maintenance engineers and all employees who switch machinery off to carry out work.

Various training rigs are used to show how a mechanical, isolation can be effected safely. The candidates practice writing down the procedure that they would follow and then apply it to the training rigs. Any deficiencies in their procedure are pointed out and they are reminded of the associated dangers. This process is repeated until they are able to perform the isolations correctly. The course is supported by comprehensive course notes.

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