OCR Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Advice and Guidance

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  • 5 Days
  • National Vocational Qualification
  • Hertfordshire

The aim of this qualification is to recognise the skills and competences of candidates in the workplace. The qualification is primarily aimed at experienced practitioners who work directly with clients, disseminating information, advice, guidance and formal advocacy.

Candidates might also have some managerial or training responsibilities. They could also be creators of information, advice and guidance, either disseminating information themselves as practitioners or through their organisation in the form of publications. Candidates at this level are expected to have a more dynamic relationship with other organisations.

It is suitable for candidates:

-Who have managerial or training responsibilities.

-Who are creators of information, advice and guidance within the service/practice.

-Who are dynamic in their dealings with organisations.

It supports the recognised need that individuals and employers must be responsible for gaining the skills needed to meet ever changing objectives which will in turn lead to improvements in efficiency and effectiveness throughout the organisation and with clients.

This qualification will allow for progression to and from OCR’s portfolio of Advice and Guidance related qualifications and will complement other vocational qualifications.

The level 4 Diploma in Advice and Guidance consists of 5 Mandatory units with a combined credit value of 17:

Unit AG3 (credit value 4)

Develop interactions with advice and guidance clients

Unit AG14 (credit value 4)

Manage personal case load

Unit AG16 (credit value 3)

Evaluate and develop own contribution to the service

Unit AG18 (credit value 3)

Operate within networks

Unit AG30 (credit value 3)
Understand importance of legislation and procedures

Plus Optional units to the credit value of 20 of which 9 credits need to be Level 4. We recommend choosing from the following:

Unit AG2 (Level 2) (credit value 3) Support clients to make use of the advice and guidance service

Unit AG5 (Level 4) (credit value 3) Assist advice and guidance clients to decide on a course of action

Unit AG6 (Level 4) (credit value 3) Prepare clients through advice and guidance for the implementation of a course of action

Unit AG7 (Level 4) (credit value 3) Assist clients through advice and guidance to review their achievement of a course of action

Unit AG12 (Level 3) (credit value 3) Liaise with other services

Unit AG17 (Level 4) (credit value 5) Evaluate and develop own contribution to the service

Unit AG19 (Level 4) (credit value 5) Undertake research for the service and its’ clients

Unit AG20 (Level 4) (credit value 4) Design information materials for use in the service

Unit AG21 (Level 4) (Credit value 3) Provide and maintain information materials for use in service

Unit AG13 (Level 3) (credit value 3) Enable advice and guidance clients access to referral opportunities

A typical set of optional units might be:

2, 5, 6, 12, 13, 19 or 2, 5, 6, 19, 20, 21

Typical programme for taught courses:

Day 1-Induction

Induction and AG30-Defining IAG, policies, codes and good practise

Day 2

Structuring the IAG interview. Focus on interview skills and preparing for observations- Units AG2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. One to one tutorials

Day 3

Reviewing professional practise, networking and managing personal case load. Case study workshop-Units AG14,16 and 18.

Day 4

Portfolio building workshop and evaluation.

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