OCR Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development

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The Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development has been specifically designed for those working in the new Adult Advancement and Career Service, external agency and voluntary service guidance roles, and roles where staff who work in other organisations provide career advice and guidance, information, employability support and signposting as part of their own broader work role. The qualification will provide accredited professional development opportunities for those currently and newly working in these areas and encourage progression in the sector. Seven mandatory units cover essential skills, and a range of optional units enable centres and learners to choose those most relevant to individual roles. Learners will have the opportunity for both full qualification and unit certification.

The level 6 Diploma in Careers Information and Advice consists of 7 Mandatory units with a combined credit value of 45:

Unit M1 (credit value 6)

Preparing to work in the Career Information, Advice and Guidance sector

Unit M2 (credit value 6)

Reflecting on practice and continuous professional development

Unit M3 (credit value 9)

Career Guidance Theory

Unit M4 (credit value 6)

Agree the purpose of client-centred career guidance interviews and maintain communication with clients

Unit M5 (credit value 6)
Exploration and agreement of how to meet career guidance and development needs of clients

Unit M6 (credit value 6)

Using Career and Labour Market Information with clients

Unit M7 (credit value 6)

Work with other agencies for the benefit of clients and own organisation

Plus Optional units to the credit value of 15. We recommend choosing from the following:

O8 (credit value 6) Use diagnostic and assessment tools with clients.
O10 (credit value 3) Understand how to support clients in particular circumstances to overcome barriers to learning, training and employment.

O12 (credit value 3) Assist clients to apply for learning and work.

O15 (credit value 3) Source, evaluate and use Labour Market Information (LMI) with clients.

017 (credit value 6) Promote career-related learning.

018 (credit value 6) Plan and deliver career-related learning in groups (is also available at additional cost and will include an additional day training).

Typical programme for a taught course:

Day 1- Induction
You, your service and your client
Units M1 & m2

Day 2
Interviewing skills and career guidance theories
Units M3,M4 and M5.

Day 3
Information and assessment
Units M6, 08, 012, 015 and Observation

Day 4
Networking and clients’ barriers
Units M7, 010 and 017

Day 5
Evaluation and portfolio building
Unit M2

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