Pipework Skills

Octillion Training Academy
  • £350
  • 5 Days
  • Approved Certification
  • London

If you don’t have a plumbing background but would still like to take tentative steps towards becoming a Gas Engineer without over committing, then this could be your ideal start of your journey to a new career.

At Octillion Training Academy, we have designed and tailored this course for those who would like to gain experience in working on plastic, copper and low carbon steel pipework, which is used in the plumbing and gas industry. This course is for those who want to gain some DIY skills, Basic plumbing skills or even beginners who want to move on to the gas courses but don’t have pipework skills.

Many Colleges and Training Providers offer this course, however, it only gives basic skills on how to bend and join pipework. At Octillion Training Academy, we have modified the course to give you an advanced skill in being able to bend and run complex pipework designs in no time; while still maintaining your precision.

The course is designed to deliver the following topics:

Understanding the characteristics of Copper, Plastic and Steel pipework
Measuring and cutting the different materials of pipework to accuracy
Precision in knowing where to cut the pipework.
Pipework preparation for soldering
How to solder copper pipework
How to assemble using different methods of joining pipework
Bending pipework to different bends and angles.

Your pipework skills will develop and improve as you learn in our fully equipped industry-standard workshops. Our qualified staff have the experience which has been embedded within the structure of the course to give you the best that we have to offer.

At Octillion Training Academy, you will be assessed throughout the duration of the course by direct observation and completion of the Pipe-work skills portfolio.

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