Printing NVQ level 2 and Level 3

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Printing NVQ level 2 and Level 3
What is an NVQ?

The National Vocational Qualification (NVQ), is currently a recognised qualification which can be delivered as a stand alone qualification within the place of work.

To achieve an NVQ, you have to prove a suitable level of competency, against nationally set standards, related to the chosen subject , i.e. lithography.

This type of qualification may be suited to two types of individuals:

Firstly, someone new into your company, who you assign a mentor to, then train up over a period of time. Secondly, somebody who has been in the industry for many years, yet wishes to hold a current, recognised qualification.

A NVQ qualification takes between nine to eighteen months to achieve depending on the experience of the individual.

Learn2print offer NVQ’s in the following areas:

• Prepress,
• Machine Printing
• Print Finishing

How does it work?
To complete an NVQ you must be getting hands on experience. You need that to generate performance evidence. The NVQ’s are modular based and certain modules are compulsory to all candidates involved. i.e. health and safety. Each company is able to select optional units allowing the NVQ to become tailor made to their individual company needs.

During the NVQ course, both the in house Mentor and the Learn2print assessor will monitor progress and record performance. This all helps to build a portfolio of evidence.

The aim is to demonstrate both practically and theoretically that you are competent at your job.

On achievement, the candidate will be issued a certificate of success at the chosen level of study.


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