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Our lives would not be the same without engineers. From the vehicles we travel in, the electricity we use to charge mobile phones and even the food we eat. All of these things have been made possible by engineers.

According to research by Engineering UK, the UK needs to recruit 186,000 into Engineering and Manufacturing each year until 2024. You could be one of them.

What Apprenticeships do Derwent Training offer?

Mechanical Machinist
Mechatronics Maintenance
Technical Support Technician
Fabrication and Welding
Apprenticeships are very competitive, they are not like a full-time course where you are normally guaranteed a place if you have the required entry requirements. You will need to be employed to start an Apprenticeship. Derwent Training can help you to gain a job which allows you to be an apprentice. However, you will need to prepare a CV and attend an interview with an employer just as you would for any job. You will also need to be pro-active in applying direct to employers.

What are the entry requirements?

You have to be at least 16 years old to start an Apprenticeship. Depending on the level, you must have a minimum level of GCSE and ideally these should include Maths, English and Science or equivalent. Whilst it may be possible to start an Apprenticeship without the required level of English and Maths, applicants will find the training difficult with this level of knowledge at the start of the programme. The most important entry requirements in starting an Apprenticeship is that you must be employed.

What are the benefits of doing an Apprenticeship?

Earn while you learn
Receive a nationally recognised apprenticeship
Develop skills, knowledge and behaviours that employers want
Develop your critical skills that are needed in working life.
How do I apply?

Applicants are required to complete an online application form and submit a CV using the online uploader
You will then be invited for an Assessment Day which includes an engineering assessment, interview and tour of the training facilities
Based on your performance at the Assessment Day, your details will be matched to vacancies and these will be forwarded to the employer

The employer will then decide if they will short-list you for this role or not. They may then invite you for a formal interview at their premises.
If you are the successful applicant, the employer will offer you the job and you will be signed up to start your apprenticeship with Derwent Training.
Read what one of our apprentices said about us

‘’I chose to do an Engineering Apprenticeship because I wanted a career that would task me mentally, but also allowing me to work practically. When I first visited Derwent Training I was unsure on the direction I wanted to go with my career but they supported me continuously and helped me realise that being an engineer was my true vocation in life. Years of hard work, helped along the way by Derwent Training, mean that I am now lucky enough to oversee production at North Sea Winches. This role has allowed me to share what I have learned so far as an engineer as well as teaching our current apprentices skills that will help them in their careers too.’’

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