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  • 8 days
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Whatever the economy the most stretching and exciting part of your job is to lead, engage, motivate and inspire your team. This masterclass shows you how. The masterclass begins with three foundation sessions which give you a solid understanding of contemporary leadership. The programme then coaches you through eight key strategies which provide a framework to dramatically improve the performance of your team. In this introductory module you’ll learn:

The Core Strategy – Make Others Feel Capable, Confident & Strong
Why Would Anyone Want To Be Led By You?
What Is The Work Of The Modern Leader?
The One Ability Above All Others That Sets Managers Above Their Peers
Programme Structure & The Big 4 Diagnostics
Creating a self-propelled workforce means not only managing people but managing the interactions between people. That’s not a subtle difference. This masterclass shows you how. In Foundation Session One we investigate the 6 all important, building blocks of a modern leadership style – a style that enables you to get the best from those around you, especially when they are working remotely. You’ll learn:

How To Transform Your Communication Using Persuasion Not Power
How To Help People Give Their All By Aligning Organisation & Personal Goals
When You Let Go, They Grow – How To Delegate In An Inspirational Way
Catch People Doing Something Right
Regard Everyone As A Potential Winner – Expectations Communicate
How To Instill A Sense of Fun – It’s A Great Business Lubricant. In Foundation Session 2 we investigate motivation – because without motivation the product doesn’t matter, the idea doesn’t matter because no one will take any action.

How To Differentiate Between Motivation & Manipulation. One works, the other …..
Law 1 – Be Motivated To Motivate. How To Access Your Ideal Performance State
Law 2 – Motivation Requires A Goal. How To Set Targets & Goals
Law 3 – Motivation Requires Recognition
Why It’s A Bad Idea To Think It’s Always About Money. How To Set Up A Good News Board
Law 4 – Motivation Once Established Never Lasts. Motivation Wears Off And What To Do About It
In Foundation Session 3 we highlight the importance of having your own personal ‘leadership development plan’. You’ll learn:

It Starts With You – How To Set Up Your Personal Leadership Programme. The course now moves up a gear and investigates the eight strategies essential to build a high performance team.

In Strategy 1 we look at the first action for any leader, set the direction, you must know where you are going if you expect others to join you on the journey, This is relatively familiar stuff but to be effective your team must also buy in to the direction. If there is no buy in you get compliance, if there is buy in you get commitment, engagement and discretionary effort. You’ll learn:

How To Set The Direction
What To Do If You Are At A Crossroads
How To Get Buy In. THE all important step in unlocking discretionary effort
In Strategy 2 we investigate the enormous, but often underrated importance of culture. You’ve probably heard Peter Drucker’s famous quote ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Culture determines the way we do things around here. Culture determines the way your people talk, think and behave. Creating a great culture is essential for effective leadership. You’ll learn:

How To Develop The Right Culture For Your Team
The 3 Steps You Must Take To Make Culture Change Happen
How To Take Your Values Off The Wall And Bring Them Alive
How To Go One Step Further & Define Your Core Ideology. Strategy 3 highlights the importance of leading by example. It’s been said, that leadership is example, persuasion, and compulsion – in that order, Organisations and teams tend to become shadows of their leaders. In time your team will become a shadow of you. You’ll learn:

In Challenging Times The Leader Is A Leader of Attitudes
How To Be The Leader Others Want To Follow
4 Practical Ideas To Help You Lead By Example
How The Leader Should Handle Winning
How The Leader Should Handle A Project Shortfall / Failure – It Happens!
In Startegy 4 we revisit the core premise of the course – make others feel capable, confident and strong – because it’s only when people feel that way that you’re likely to get the best from them. What you say can either make someone’s day or ruin their day. You’ll learn:

How To Implement Capable, Confident & Strong
How To Use The ‘Gift’ of Encouragement
How To Give Praise Correctly
How To Instill a Growth Mindset. The first thing anyone says about leading change is how easy it is to initiate and how hard it is to see it through. In Strategy 5 we begin by looking at how we react to change and then investigate a 6 step process for leading change in others. You’ll learn:

How To Develop The Leader’s Mindset Towards Change
How To Use The ROVCOS™ Model For Leading Change
Why It’s Never A One Person Show
In Strategy 6 we look at how to create a culture where people have a tremendous opportunity to be heard. You’ll learn:

The 4 Most Engaging Words You Can Say To Anyone
How To Set Up A Process For Gaining Feedback
5 Questions To Initiate A Learning Conversation. In Strategy 7 we investigate how to foster teamwork. Today everyone in every type of organisation says: ‘We can’t do it alone. It’s a team effort.’ Teamwork is essential in the modern workplace. You’ll learn:

How To Foster Teamwork. The 2 Core Principles
5 Actionable Ideas You Can Implement Immediately
The Ultimate Team Exercise & How To Use It At Your Next Offsite Meeting
In Strategy 8 we look at how to handle adversity. The evidence suggests that how you and your people respond to adversity is a strong predictor of success. You’ll learn:

Why Your Adversity Quotient (AQ) Is A Key Part of Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
3 Ways To Build Resilience
How To Grow The Coping Mechanism of Others
How To Control The Controllables
How To Handle Pressure
How To Test A Candidate’s Adversity Quotient When Recruiting. You’ll learn 8 steps the world’s top ‘modern managers’ use to inspire, lead, engage and motivate their people to achieve extraordinary results and how you can apply these steps to your team. The masterclass is chunked into 31 short video segments with 9 downloadable worksheets to consolidate your learning and 4 self-assessments to check your understanding. Set aside 1 hour each day to complete 3 to 4 lessons and their related action steps and you will be able to complete the full programme in 8 days (you can of course go faster or slower as you wish).

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