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Assuming you are one of those drivers who needs a Category B+E licence for trailer towing, we have a training package that is right for you. Our training teaches everything you need to know to pass the trailer test the first time. We utilise DVLA approved experienced instructors who have all towed trailers themselves, instructors who know what it takes to tow a trailer safely.

Drivers can start training with the Specialised Training Services (HGV Training Centre) as soon as a new class gets under way. You will be happy to know that the size of our operations – we currently operate more than four dozen facilities in the UK – allows us to begin new classes on a regular schedule. You can complete your training in as little as three days if you are a quick learner and you apply yourself.

What will you learn in our training? In the simplest terms possible, everything you need to know to pass your trailer test.

Proper driving techniques
The physics of towing (Braking, Steering, Accelerating)
How to conduct a walkthrough check
Proper coupling of your trailer
Principles of adapting to bad weather and driving conditions
Techniques for manoeuring trailers in tight spaces.
All of the things we teach you will be tested on when you take the actual trailer test. You will have to demonstrate to the examiner that you possess both the physical skills and knowledge to be a safe trailer operator. Your test will be comprised of two parts: physical skills and practical demonstration.

The physical skills portion of your test should be self-explanatory. The examiner will take you out on the road and put you through a series of tasks designed to prove you have the necessary skills. The practical demonstration portion of the test is a ‘show me, tell me’ exercise in which the examiner will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge through oral explanation and physical demonstration. For example, you might be asked to explain and demonstrate how to determine your trailer is coupled correctly.

Specialised HGV training

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