Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

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Under our ILM accreditation, ‘Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace’ is a 1-day session which is designed to start conversations about Mental Health as well as helping individuals to understand and recognise the signs of Mental Health.

This training will undoubtably help individuals to support their teams and colleagues by focusing on three main learning outcomes:

Understand why Mental Health matters in the workplace
Understand the spectrum of Mental Health
Know how to identify signs of distress in the workplace

Mental Health problems affect around one in four people every year. Mental Health is our emotional, psychological and social well-being and it affects how we feel, act, think, as well as determining how we deal with stress, social interaction and decision making.
Male site workers in construction are three times more likely to commit suicide than the average UK male.

This statistic highlights the difficulties faced by many working in the construction industry every day. It is important to remember that Mental Health issues can affect everyone and needs to be made an urgent priority by all employers.

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