ECI Election Commissioner(EC's) & Chief Election Commissioner(CEC) Selection Process & Power

Get to know the selection process and power of the ECI Election Commissioner(EC's) & Chief Election Commissioner(CEC).

The full form of ECI is Election Commission of India and the full form of CEC is Chief Election Commissioner. They played a very crucial role in elections that are conducted in India. ECI is the constitutional body of India. It was formed on 25th January 1950 by the constitution of India. The work of this commission is to perform the election in the democratic country India. The ECI is run as per the Constitution Article 324 which says that ECI has power of of superintendence, direction, and control over the election that takes place in India for state legislatures, the president of India, the vice-president. If you are here to know the answer of What is the selection process of ECI and CEC and who appoints them, then read the full article as we have written the answer for your query in this article.

As we all know India is the largest democratic country where election are conducted in short intervals of time. There are huge number of elections conducted each and every year in India. Moreover all these elections are conducted by Election Commission of India. However there is a big question arise in our mind that who select the EC’s and CEC? Don’t worry as we have given the answers in the below article so that from now onwards you all are aware about ECI in detail.

ECI (Election Commission of India) Selection Process & Power

As per the Indian Constitution Article 324 which states that ECI is the powerful constitutional body who has a power to conduct election for the post of the President, Vice President as well as it also manage and control the election of Parliament and the Legislative Assembly. The work of ECI is also to check and circulate the important documents along with that they holds meetings. The headquarter of ECI is in Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi.

Let me add you that, about 300 officers and employees are working in Election Commission. Additionally there are two post for Election Commissioners and one post for Chief Election Commissioner in the commission but many years ago in starting time of the commission there were only one post for CEC. The Chief Election Commissioner of India(CEC) is the head of the ECI and it also conduct fair elections all over the India. The CEC is generally the member of Indian Civil Service.

How Election Commissioners (EC’s) and Chief Election Commissioner (ELC) selected in India?

If you are looking for the answer about who appoints and elect the Election Commissioners and Chief Election Commissioners who has a power to conduct election, then your question is solved here. The answer is The President of India appoints the Election Commissioners as well as Chief Election Commissioners in India. President of India has a power to elect CEC by following the Article 324(2) Which was made in the year 1949. There is a time period of 6 years for this post additionally the CEC is only work for ECI till the age of 65 years, after that he will be retire from that post. Talking about ECI, then it was selected by the Governor of India.

Currently Rajiv Kumar is appointed as Chief Election Commissioner of India since 15th May 2022 by the President of India. As per the reports, the current salary for the post of CEC is Rs.250,000 per month in USD 3,100. The post of CEC is as equal to the post of The Supreme Court Judge moreover the salary is also same as the salary of a Judge of Supreme Court.

The EC and CEC is appointed by the President as there is not a specific legislative process in the Constitution of India to appoint these commissions. It is totally depend on the President as the full control of electing these constitutional body is in the hand of President of India. Generally President of India make an appointment which is headed by the Prime Minister of India and take advice from the Union Ministers of India.

Recent Update on ECI and CEC

On 2nd March 2023, Thursday there is a change and an update occurs in selection process of EC and CEC by the five-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court. They says that the high-power committee which includes The Prime Minister of India, Chief Justice of India and the Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha has now a power to choose the Election Commissioners and Chief Election Commissioners. This is a very important judgement and change made by all the judges.


Q. Who appoints Election Commissioners and Chief Election Commissioners in India?

Ans. President has the power to choose the EC and CEC. According to the latest news, from now onwards The Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition, Chief Justice of India can select the EC and CEC in India.

Q. What is the salary of Chief Election Commissioners in India?

Ans. The salary of CEC is similar to the salary of the judge of Supreme Court that is Rs.2 lakhs 50 thousand per month.

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