Happy Holi 2023 Date In India, Holika Dahan Timing, Panchnang, History, Time, Shubh Mohrat

Learn about the Happy Holi 2023 date in India, Holika Dahan timing, Panchnang, history, time, and Shubh Mohrat.

Holi is the biggest festival of India. It is one of the most popular festival of Hindus. This day is celebrated by all the Hindu religion people as well as other religion people. Now a days, Holi is celebrated not only in India but also across the India. On this day people use to paint other people face by colored powder called gulal. Additionally, children’s play Holi by throwing water on each other using water gun called pichakari also, by throwing water balloons on others. It is the most enjoying and full of fun festival where people come outside their home and play Holi with their friends and family. Holi has its very good history also, continue read this full article to know the history behind Holi.

Happy Holi 2023

As per latest reports, In 2023 Holi will be celebrated on 8th March 2023. The festival of colors Holi starts from one day prior night called the night of Falgun Purnima, on that evening people gather around in a place where wood is collected for Holika Dahan and worship that wood by wrapping white thread or molly around that wood three or seven times, then people perform pooja by sprinkling water and flower on that wood, eventually they lit that Holika. This year the Holika Dahan will be celebrated on 7th March 2023. It is always celebrated one day before Holi. According to reports, This year Holika Dahan rituals will begins from 6.24 PM to 8.51 PM in the evening of 7th March. The mohrat will last for 2 hours 27 minutes. After completing all the rituals, people start their preparation for the next day.

Holi is two day festival, where one day Holika Dahan take place and on other day Holi celebration with colors and water take place. If you are here to get detail knowledge about the history behind Holi then continue your reading process as we have written it below, along with that we have provided full detail about shubh mohrat, timing in the below article.

History of Holi

Holi has some other name also that is Dol Purnima, Dhulandi, Dhuleti, Manjal Kuli, Rangwali Holi, Yaosang, Jaziri, Ukuli, Shigmo and Phagwa. People of different states in India also know Holi by these names. It is basically Hindu festival which shows the divine love of god Radha Krishna apart from this, Holi has biggest history where good soul Prahlad win over evil Holika, who was sister of Hiranyakashyap, and he was the father of Prahlad. Holi has some other aspect also as it indicate the end of season winter and begin of season spring.

Talking about the story behind Holi, Prahlad who was a child and believer of Lord Vishnu. He worship Lord Vishnu from bottom of his heart whereas Hiranyakshayap was father of Prahlad, who gave many warming to his child to not worshiping god Vishnu, but her did not listen to his father as he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. After that his father along with his sister Holika, who had a boon that she won’t burn in fire, made a plane to kill Prahlad, by using this boon they planned to take Prahlad into fire in the lap of Holika. However the magic happened there, The fire did nothing to Prahlad as he was continue chanting Lord Vishnu name while siting inside the fire. In that flames, Holika was burnt and consumed in the flames. Prahlad was saved by Lord Vishnu from his evil father and aunt bad planning towards him. That’s why Holi is celebrated as a victory of good over evil.

Holika Dahan Timing 2023

Here we are providing you the details regarding Holika Dahan timings as Holika Dahan which is also known as Choti Holi is celebrated by people one day before the Holi celebration. On this day people use to burn the wood by performing some rituals and worship Lord Vishnu and fire. People burn all the negativity and evil thinking in that pure fire in the evening of Falgun Purnima. Prahlad father in company with his sister Holika planned to kill his son Prahlad as he worship Lord Vishnu and his father don’t like Vishnu god and he warned his son many times to not worship him. On the night of Falgum Purnima, Holika had taken Prahlad in the burning fire and used her boon, but they failed in their plan as Prahlad was saved by Lord Vishnu whereas Holika was burnt in that flames after having boon to never burn in fire.

This year in 2023 according to the Panchangam, Holika Dahan will be performed in the evening of Flagum Purnima on 7th March 2023. Furthermore the timing of Holika Dahan will starts from 6:24 PM and end on 8:51 PM. This pooja helps people to bring positivity into their life by removing all the negative powers in the surroundings. It also gives power to the people to fight all the fears that are stopping them in achieving goals. After completing this rituals people went their homes and start preparing themselves for the next day of celebration where they hug each other by forgetting all the differences and apply colors to the face of others. People also make and buy Gujiya, Mathri and Papdi and give sweets to each other. On this day everyone comes together and celebrate Holi with lots of fun and enjoyment.

Different Colors of Holi and their Importance

Holi is a festival of colors people celebrates Holi by applying different colors to each other face. It is scientifically proven that every color has its own significant and they helps in enhancing mood by giving relief from stress. Every colors has its own importance here we are giving you the meaning of each color and they are: Red color in Holi represent love whereas green color act for new starting of any relation Moreover, yellow color speaks for wealth and success.


Q. What is the date of Holi in 2023?

Ans. Holi will be celebrated on 8th March 2023.

Q. What is the date of Holika Dahan in 2023?

Ans. 7th March 2023.

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